Sulfur Based Acne Treatment Safe During Pregnancy

Often found in acne treatment you can buy without a prescription experts say its safe to use in limited amounts. Often found in acne treatment you can buy without a prescription experts say its safe to use in limited amountsFor this reason you should talk with your obstetrician or dermatologist before using it while youre pregnant.

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Cetaphil is usually recommended by dermatologists because it is safe to use during pregnancy Dr.

Sulfur based acne treatment safe during pregnancy. AHA lotions and creams are generally safe to use during pregnancy and may be specially suited to treat some pregnancy-related skin problems. AHAs derived from fruit and milk sugars are commonly found in cleansers exfoliants moisturizers and skin treatments designed to produce more smooth and youthful skin. Lactic acid which is an alpha hydroxy acid is a normal part of cellular metabolism.

On the other hand some acne medications are likely safe. As an antioxidant azelaic acid is also an effective skin brightener so it can help diminish discoloration or leftover acne scars. Acne medication known to cause birth defects including oral isotretinoin Amnesteem Claravis and topical.

Even dermatologists dont always agree about whats safe to use while youre expecting. Using topical sulfur while pregnant. Cybele Fishman says that pregnant women can use topical erythromycin prescription and all over-the-counter topical sulfur topical zinc and topical niacinamide treatments Fishman recommends this sulfur-based acne medication called Acnomel as well as this niacinamide and zinc blemish treatment from The Ordinary.

Lactic acid is effective and safe during pregnancy as is tea tree oil and sulfur-based products. So it makes sense that since every one has it in our bodies its safe to use during pregnancy. Azelaic acid is thought to be safe during pregnancy according to the AAD.

6 It is always important to speak with your doctor before using any medications topical or otherwise during pregnancy. First up swap out your usual cleanser for this mild version. What we do know comes from animal studies and self-reporting from women who have used acne treatments while pregnant.

This further leads to clogging of the skin follicles and the dead cells in conjunction with the over production of sebum. For this reason you should talk with your OB-GYN before. Sulfur is a category C drug which means there are no adequate studies performed on humans but potential benefits may warrant its use in pregnant women despite the potential risks.

Acne can develop or worsen during pregnancy causing you to search for a treatment that will help quickly. However it is important to discuss these options with a doctor and to weigh the benefits of treating acne against the risks to the fetus. In addition to azelaic acid New York dermatologist Dr.

This is thought to be safe to use during pregnancyIn animal studies researchers havent seen birth defects. Rather than deal with nine months of acne breakouts during pregnancy thankfully there are smarter and safer ways to clean the pores and clear up acne. This ingredient helps kill acne-causing bacteria and decrease keratin production preventing the protein from building up and plugging pores.

Being pregnant doesnt necessarily mean grinning and bearing it though. Some common acne medications such as isotretinoin Accutane and tetracycline antibiotics are unsafe during pregnancy. The safety of using benzoyl peroxide to treat pregnancy acne hasnt been established.

Since topical acne medications can be absorbed into the skin it is important to evaluate the safety of any medication before using it during pregnancy. Cindy Lamerson MD a clinical assistant professor at the University of Nevada in Reno says acne in pregnancy is actually fairly common but it can be controlled. From this researchers have learned the following about acne medications.

Sulfur acne treatments safe for pregnancy Cystic acne is further worsened by Retention keratosis under this condition skin cells of cystic acne are shed improperly. Some acne medications such as oral prescriptions can cause birth defects. This treatment should only be used if clearly needed.

Sulfur can react poorly in combination with prescription acne medications resulting in irritation and increased sun sensitivity so its important to consult your dermatologist before you begin a sulfur-based acne regimen.

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